5 essential accessories and gear you need for your acoustic guitar

Most musicians know that they are making a long-term commitment when they pick up an instrument. They are committing to learning and mastering the art of music while also going above and beyond to keep their instrument in pristine condition. However, while there is plenty of documentation available about learning how to play an instrument, there is little common knowledge about maintenance and care. Acoustic guitars are one of the most common instruments in the world but not everyone knows how to keep them clean and sounding like new. For this reason, below we list five accessories and tools that you need to care for your acoustic guitar.

Guitar case

First things first: you absolutely need a case or a gig bag to protect your guitar regardless of whether it is acoustic or electric. For acoustic guitars, of course, it is more of a necessity due to their inherent fragility and propensity to bump or scratch when played on different surfaces. A case also gives guitar players the ability to carry their instruments around with them safely. There are tons of different models, although you can group most of them in two main variants: hard case or soft gig bag.

Guitar tuner

Taking care of your guitar is not only a matter of how it looks but also a matter of how it sounds. Your guitar will only sound as great as it can if it is tuned correctly. For this, you want a guitar tuner to help you find the sweet spot where your instrument sounds perfect. There are different types of tuners, the most common ones being those that play the tuned sound of each string so you can tune by ear on your guitar. However, clip-on tuners are also very popular nowadays and they guide the player based only on how the strings vibrate when played.

Guitar strings

Of course, you cannot have a guitar without strings. Logically, your guitar comes with strings when you buy it, but later you may find that they are not the right fit for you. They might feel off or you may just have a hard time playing the instrument with these acoustic guitar strings instead of new ones. Do your homework and test some different strings on your guitar until you find the ones that work best for you.

Guitar stand

Similar to the guitar case, you want to have some gear that lets you rest your guitar while you’re not playing it. If you don’t want to keep it in its case forever, consider a guitar stand or holder. The function is the same for both stands and holders, but they differ in where they are fixed. Stands typically rest on the floor and let you put your guitar in an upright position. Holders are mostly wall fixtures in which you can “hang” your guitar by the head.

Guitar polisher

Lastly, it should be said that while most modern guitars have a glossy finish, it doesn’t mean that wear and tear can’t get to them over time. To keep your guitar looking fresh, you want to apply some cleaning products to it and some guitar polisher from time to time. Be cautious not to use home cleaning products, though, there are specialized products for guitars that will keep it shiny and looking just like new.

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